Our mission is to create a Peace of Mind by Exceeding Expectations through Providing Consistent Facilities Maintenance Services in Ethiopia.

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Electrical Installations & Repair

Interior & Exterior Painting Services

Flooring Installation & Repair


Other Services

Building Repair & Maintenance Services

1. Preventive

  • A planned and Controlled program of ROUTINE periodic PROACTIVE inspections, adjustments and repairs of building components and systems.
  • The emphasis is to extend the useful life of the equipment.

2 Corrective

  • Repairs to existing structure only, including all damages caused by natural deterioration and wear from normal use.
  • Repairs to existing systems only, including replacement of faulty or warn parts of fixtures. Replace with like part, unless facilities services grants prior.

3 Supportive

  • Minor alternations, renovation and repairs, installation of new equipment, or building system grants prior.

4 Emergency

  • Unplanned ROUTINE AND/OR NON-ROUTINE work that requires immediate action to protect life and property , restore services, or to resolve problems that could interrupt activities.